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Commercial Services

Give your clients, customers and staff the reassurance they need to feel safe by offering a Safe Air Certified Office.  Safe Air Services offers a range of indoor air quality services including ventilation diagnostics, combustion safety testing, pollutant source remediation, and UV light sanitation, all designed to make your building healthier, more comfortable and attractive to returning clients and potential new clients, especially in this COVID-19 environment.

The Safe Air Evaluation uncovers sources of harmful airborne contaminants in your office in order to eliminate the threat these pollutants cause to your clients, customers, and staff.  Detecting and mitigating indoor air quality helps prevent the spread of infectious diseases such as COVID-19 and influenza, reduces employee sick time, enhances interior comfort and provides peace of mind, which can be critical in these uncertain times.

The Evaluation includes pollutant source identification, ventilation diagnostics, combustion safety testing, and a personalized Safe Air Improvement plan.  This process helps to remove contaminants (like airborne viruses or hazardous particulates) while filtering and sanitizing your indoor air, in compliance with CDC, EPA, ASHRAE and BPI guidelines, among others.

Following installation, test-out and certification, a Safe Air Certification is provided for display in your office, along with PDFs for your communications with clients and customers.   We will also provide you with specifics of the improvements for you to share.

Safe Air Monthly Inspections are conducted and recorded as part of your service contract package.

Safe Air Services Package Includes:

  • Safe Air Evaluation
  • Safe Air Improvements Plan
  • Safe Air Certification for Display
  • Safe Air Monthly Inspections