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Why Choose Us

Safe Air Services specializes in expert home audits and energy efficiency improvements which help homeowners increase comfort and lower home energy expenses. Our trained professional energy consultants hold the highest certifications available and offer an extensive background in home improvement and technical energy training.

As a woman owned BPI-certified, BGE, PEPCO, and Delmarva approved and vetted contractor, we strive to provide you with the most innovative and comprehensive energy reports and audits in the industry. We proudly serve BGE, PEPCO and Delmarva residential customers.

Once on-site, Safe Air Service collects data that other energy audit companies may overlook. Among them:

The surface area of the structure is measured.

All windows are measured and the type of glass, orientation and overhangs are all accounted for.

Flat surfaces vs. sloped surfaces are accounted for.

Heating system output/efficiency is measured.

Current insulation characteristics are determined.

Air leakage rates are determined.

Indoor air quality is analyzed and is always based on winter conditions (when the house is sealed up) for greater accuracy.

All of this information is documented at the structure itself and an energy model is created for the climate zone for a particular house, down to the address.

Safe Air Service provides a complete and comprehensive on-site evaluation and works hand-in-hand with the homeowner’s budget to integrate and implement a final individualized plan.

Whether you own a residential single family, duplex or townhome, you can be sure to maximize energy savings, indoor comfort, air quality, and building durability by investing in the thorough, trusted services of Safe Air Service complete home evaluation services.